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Blog posts May 2017

Service and Sacrifice - Mark 2:1-12

When we last saw Jesus, we saw the deep, visceral compassion Jesus had for a leper who came to him for help – someone no one else wanted to help.

After Jesus had spent some time out in the countryside, He once again returned to Capernaum. The news of His arrival did not take long. Soon the house …

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Service and Sacrifice - Mark 1:39-45

When we last saw Jesus, we learned that the source of His power came from the time He spent with His Father regardless of how much sleep He had or had not gotten the night before. He gave us the example to rise early and spend both quality and quantity time with God so that we can meet the challenge…

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Service and Sacrifice - Mark 1:29-39

When we last saw Jesus, He had been in the synagogue on the Sabbath and had released a man from demon possession during the worship service.  Truly, what better way to worship than to see someone released from the clutches of Satan!

After the Sabbath worship service, Jesus walked next door to Pete…

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