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Blog posts April 2016

The Value of One - Part 10

Over the past nine weeks, we have taken a look at the value heaven places on one soul. Whether that one soul will go on to influence hundreds or thousands for the Kingdom, or whether it is never known the influence that one soul has, that one soul has infinite value.

In the parable the shepherd goe…

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The Value of One Part 9

It started on a very crowded city street during a life-saving mission. The slow moving crowd belied the urgency of the mission. People were pushing this way and that way in an effort to get to a dying young girl on the other side of the city.

And yet the urgency of the crowd did not seem to have th…

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The Value of One - Part 8

It started in the region of Gennesaret. Jesus had just gone back to this region a second time and had received a hero’s welcome. Why? Because the formerly demon possessed man had done the work Jesus had assigned him. The man had gone to the entire Decapolis region telling everyone who would listen t…

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The Value of One - Part 7

It started one evening in a boat that was caught in a terrible storm. The disciples had been fighting the storm for a while trying to keep the boat afloat, and although they were seasoned fisherman, they were losing the battle. Finally, remembering that Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat, the …

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