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Blog posts October 2016

The Power of the Word - Part 22

The water felt cool in her hand as it dripped from the cloth. She desperately wished that her brother’s forehead felt as cool. She felt the fear well up in her heart as the tears streamed down her face. She pressed the cloth to his forehead and prayed.

She heard the door slowly open and soon felt…

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The Power of the Word - Part 21

He had served at family gatherings for many years, but this wedding was the largest event he had ever been a part of. He had been up early and home late six days a week for the past month. The list of things to take care of seemed endless. The master’s steward was determined that the youngest daught…

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The Power of the Word - Part 20

The pounding on the door woke him up. Even though it was mid-day, he had been sleeping. Try as he might, he found himself sleeping more and more, not so much because he was tired, but because he just couldn’t face his reality any more. He prayed to Yahweh the Creator to please let him die. He knew t…

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