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Blog posts July 2016

The Power of the Word - Part 13

He couldn’t remember exactly when he had made the decision. But the decision had been made nonetheless. He never wanted to be like his father, or his grandfather for that matter. No, he wanted to be just like the good and mighty King David. Every night he had begged his mother to tell one story of t…

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The Power of the Word - Part 12

He had never felt this way before. Sure, he had had his ups and downs. There were times when he had felt sad for several days. Who wouldn’t feel sad at times with the messages he had to deliver to God’s people – messages that often went unheeded. But even during those sad times he could function. Th…

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The Power of the Word - Part 11

As he stood in front of the assembled group, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He kept speaking as he turned his head to get a better look. A group of temple guards strode purposefully in their direction with the High Priest in the center desperately trying to keep up. Peter had seen tha…

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The Power of the Word - Part 10

The night began like every other night had over the past several years. The routine was the same, and he could almost complete his nightly tasks with his eyes closed. He walked around the Tabernacle as usual making sure everything was in its place. The last task of the night was to refill the oil in…

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