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Blog posts August 2016

The Power of the Word - Part 17

The rooftop of the house was his favorite place to pray. There was a hidden corner where he felt cut off from the noise emanating from the shops below. From the vantage point of the roof, he could see the ocean, smell the sea air, and listen to the sea birds squawk as they fished for food. The tanne…

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The Power of the Word - Part 16

As far back as he could remember, he loved to sit with his grandfather and listen to the old stories. One of his favorites was of his great grandfather Enoch who vanished without a trace. Many of the townspeople thought Enoch had gone mad with all the preaching he did and went to live in the great f…

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The Power of the Word - Part 15

He stopped the oxen who were pulling the plough and wiped the sweat off his brow. He took the water flask from his belt and took a nice long drink. On the next pass of the field he would stop and let the oxen have a drink as well. He could see that they needed a bit of a rest.

He started his oxen p…

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The Power of the Word - Part 14

He sat on the edge of his bed totally devastated. How had this happened? He was the commander of the Syrian army. He was a highly decorated and respected soldier. He was a man of action, and soon he would be reduced to nothing. Literally.

Namaan stared at the growing white spot on his arm in disbel…

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