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The Power of the Word - Part 10

The night began like every other night had over the past several years. The routine was the same, and he could almost complete his nightly tasks with his eyes closed. He walked around the Tabernacle as usual making sure everything was in its place. The last task of the night was to refill the oil in the lampstand so the light would not go out during the night. He slept in the Holy Place to make double sure the perpetual lamp would remain lit.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep when he was startled awake by someone calling his name. The only other person near enough to call him was Eli. Samuel hoped Eli hadn’t fallen again.

“[H]e answered, ‘Here I am!’ So he ran to Eli and said, ‘Here I am, for you called me.’” (1 Samuel 3:4-5)

When Samuel arrived in Eli’s room, he didn’t see anything out of place. Except for the annoyed look on Eli’s face at be awakened.

“And [Eli] said, ‘I did not call; lie down again.’” (1 Samuel 3:5)

Confused, Samuel turned and went back to his bed. He reasoned it must have been a dream. Maybe he had been dreaming of his mother again. That was it. His mother must have called out to him in his dream. At that moment, a wave of homesickness swept over him. He wished he could see his mother whenever he wanted to and not just once a year.

He drifted off to sleep imagining what home looked like, a smile on his face.

“Then the Lord called yet again, ‘Samuel!’” (1 Samuel 3:6)

Samuel bolted upright again. This wasn’t a dream. He definitely heard his name. It had to be Eli. Alarmed, Samuel raced to Eli’s room again.

Here I am, for you called me.’ [Eli] answered, ‘I did not call, my son; lie down again.’” (1 Samuel 3:6)

Samuel thought he must be going crazy. Or perhaps it was the two honey nut rolls he secretly ate just before going to bed. Eli constantly warned him about eating late.

Just as Samuel was starting to drift into sweet sleep again, he heard his name, louder this time. This time he was really worried. He definitely heard his name called out this time. It had to be Eli, and if Eli didn’t remember calling out his name, then things were worse than Samuel had originally thought.

“So he arose and went to Eli, and said, ‘Here I am, for you did call me.’” (1 Samuel 3:8)

Eli looked even more annoyed when Samuel entered his room. He saw Eli’s mouth open as if to say something, and then shut abruptly. A look of comprehension came into Eli’s eyes. So Eli did know what was going on after all.

“Then Eli perceived that the Lord had called the boy. Therefore Eli said to Samuel, ‘Go, lie down; and it shall be, if He calls you, that you must say, “Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears.”’” (1 Samuel 3:8-9)

Samuel stood there staring at Eli for a long moment. The Lord? The Lord God Jehovah was calling his name? Perhaps Eli, too, had stolen some honey nut rolls and had also eaten late. It has been a long time in Israel since the Lord had spoken to any prophet. Why would God choose him?

Samuel slowly walked back to his bed. He laid down, but there would no sleep this time. He waited in the silence. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Now the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ And Samuel answered, ‘Speak, for Your servant hears.’” (1 Samuel 3:10)

And then the Lord God Jehovah spoke to Samuel and told him of judgments to come because of the sins of Eli and his sons. God spoke to Samuel, because Samuel was the only one listening.

That was a pivotal night for Samuel. He was tuned to hear God’s call, he listened, and he obeyed. Because of the power of God's Word, his life was never the same.

“So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground.” (1 Samuel 3:19)

This is why Binding Broken Hearts is passionate about getting God’s Word into prisons and into the hands of inmates who so desperately need to hear God speaking directly to their hearts about sin, about new life, and about things to come. Because these are men and women who need Jesus most.

Perhaps you want to help spread the power of His Word to an inmate who desperately needs its power. If so, please consider becoming a financial partner with us. Click here to see how you can help.

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